FelFel Catered Cuisine

Need a special event to be catered?  An office lunch?  A wedding reception?

We do all this, and more.  From delivery of to-go items, to large scale events with fine dining, we offer a full range of catering scenarios.

All we need to get started, is a clue about the dietary preferences of your guests.  From the roughest idea we can build menu selections that people will love, and plan a brilliant event which we’ll prepare and serve faithfully on the appointed day.

Cuisine Without Compromise

Our amazing chefs have created a wide variety of healthy dining options for your next business meeting or luncheon.  We pride ourselves on our selection of high quality offerings.  We have multiple vegan & gluten free dishes to choose from so you don’t have to compromise on health or taste.

We understand that dining is a collective and social experience.  We do our very best to impress, so your event makes an optimal impression with everyone in attendance.

Healthy food for less money™

We currently provide catering and delivery to the entire DTC area, and most of Greenwood Village.  Extended delivery range available upon request.  Minimum booking of 10 or more people.  Price per person varies with selected menu and services.  On average it’s around $10 a person.

Click here to view our mouthwatering Catering Menu.

Look to FelFel Catering for bespoke haute cuisine, served up hot and fresh (and affordable).

Our Promise

Enjoy your food or let us know.  We will always make it right!